Why Do People Have Latex Allergy and How Can You Prevent It

Latex is a substance that is found in certain plants, including a tree named Hevea brasiliensis, that is also called a rubber tree. The latex is transformed into various products of common use according to two methods:

  1. 90% of the latex is coagulated to enter the composition of rubber products such as tires or shoe soles. The high temperature treatment denatures certain proteins, which makes them less allergenic.
  2. 10% of the latex is treated with chemicals. Various molds are then dipped into products such as gloves, condoms and balloons. In this case the proteins are little denatured and more allergenic.

What are the symptoms of latex allergy?

The symptoms depend on the mechanism of the reaction.

I.e.-mediated allergic reaction

When an antibody called I.e. is present, the reactions include: urticarial (red, itchy skin that appears immediately after contact with a latex product), rhino-conjunctivitis, or asthma (sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, breathing difficulties after handling a latex product) or anaphylaxis. Some people with this type of latex allergy may also have symptoms with certain fruits, mainly: banana, avocado, chestnut, kiwi. You also need to know how to treat an allergic reaction to latex.

Contact dermatitis

It does not involve I.e. and often associated with the chemicals used in the transformation of the latex, is manifested 1 to 4 days after exposure to latex in the form of small bubbles on the skin and then dry red plates and crusts.

Irrigative dermatitis

Finally, many people wearing regular latex gloves complain of red, dry, irritated skin. Without specifically having an allergy to latex, these people have an irritating rash due to occlusion, contact with powder gloves, frequent washing of hands.

How is a latex allergy diagnosed?

The signs and symptoms that a person develops during contact with the latex help the doctor in his diagnosis. Allergy skin tests with a latex extract determine if antibodies (I.e.) are involved. Sometimes a blood test to detect I.e. against the latex may be required.

What are the treatments for a latex allergy?

It is important to avoid products containing latex or rubber, both at work and at home. Depending on the type of reaction, the doctor will prescribe an epinephrine auto-injector (egg: Pippen ®) to allow the patient to treat a severe allergic reaction in case of accidental exposure. A medical bracelet on which allergy to latex is mentioned is also recommended. Some patients will keep latex-free gloves with them for emergencies.

Where is the latex?

The main sources of latex are: medical gloves and rubber gloves (for washing dishes), balloon, condom, diaphragm, bandage, pacifier, various medical supplies and dentistry. Always inquire and check the composition of products. Alternatives to latex and rubber are vinyl, polyurethane, silicone, etc.

Can I have surgery if I have an allergy to latex?

Yes, you must always warn the nursing staff (doctor, nurse, and dentist) of latex allergy when you come for surgery and for all other procedures. Some hospitals have a policy that minimizes overall latex exposure by choosing products with little or no latex. Other institutions have specific guidelines when a latex-allergic patient comes for surgery.

The latex is extracted from a tree, hevea brasiliensis, and it is used for the manufacture of rubber. Used in many products, latex can cause allergies in the skin, eyes or respiratory tract. Usually these allergies are moderate, but they can sometimes be very severe. Therefore, when you think you are allergic, it is very important to:

Confirm it with skin tests performed by an allergist

  • Know all sources of latex to avoid them.
  • Latex allergy can start at any age, especially in people exposed to repeated contact with latex objects. Some professions such as nurses are particularly exposed (wearing gloves).

Symptoms of latex allergy

Skin irritation in contact with the latex:

  • Redness and itching of varying importance (urticarial);
  • Respiratory and ocular difficulties caused by the manipulation of latex objects.
  • Sneezing and runny nose:
  • Cough, shortness of breath;
  • Irritation of the eyes, redness, watery eyes.
  • Sometimes the symptoms are much more important:
  • Feeling of asphyxia by edema of the larynx, asthma;

State of allergic shock with loss of consciousness (especially if the allergic person is operated by a surgeon wearing latex gloves).

Cross allergies to certain foods can also be seen:

  • Banana
  • Avocado (present also in some cosmetics)
  • Kiwi
  • Chestnut

Treatment of latex allergy

For the time being, there is no specific desensitization treatment. The eviction must be total.

Latex allergy: general advice

  • The patient should always report the allergy to their doctor, surgeon or dentist. Under no circumstances should they wear latex gloves for examination or surgery, as this may cause severe allergic shock. The use of medical equipment containing latex (bladder or gastric probes, infusions, etc.) should also be prohibited.
  • Wear a card mentioning latex allergy for the information of first aiders and doctors in case of accident.
  • Avoid contact with latex objects.

For the protection of the hands, various solutions are possible:

  • Textile gloves under rubber gloves;
  • Or hypo-allergenic gloves (vinyl or neoprene).
  • Do not inflate rubber balloons. At the pool avoid bathing caps, fins, glasses.
  • Avoid fruits and plants that can give cross allergies.
  • Be very careful with bananas and especially avocados and check the composition of some cosmetic creams;
  • Do not have focus at home.
  • For condoms, several brands offer no latex.

The tactile properties of rubber are still very popular. But there is a catch: this material is responsible for potentially severe allergies.

Like hay fever, the main risk factor for latex allergy is atop. Rubber is an especially professional allergen. Its flexible shape is much more allergenic than its hard version, used in bicycle handles for example. The thick household gloves offered in supermarkets, as well as the fine gloves without talc, however pose little problem. This powder, based on corn starch, has a tendency to disseminate latex particles in the air that can lead to asthma attacks in sensitized persons. This is why the use of latex-coated gloves, associated with a high risk of allergy, is gradually being abandoned among health professionals. Today, aware of the problem, many hospitals become "latex free" and replace their equipment with polyvinyl gloves. However, sometimes, it just goes down with the quality of latex. For more info, click here.

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Creativity May Boost Sexual Activity

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Study Shows Artists, Poets, and Other Creative People Have More Sexual Partners Creativity may be a boon to sexual activity, according to a new study that could help explain why many famous artists in history were also notorious womanizers. The study showed that professional artists and poets had about twice as many sexual partners as those who don't indulge in such creative pursuits. Although a link between creativity and sexual activity has long been suspected, researchers say this is the first study to provide evidence for it. The results suggest that the more creative a person is, the more sexual partners he or she is likely to have, and these creative traits may have evolved over time to foster survival of the human species. But other, less scientific factors may also be at work. "Creative people are often considered to be very attractive and get lots of attention as a result," says researcher Daniel Nettle of the University of Newcastle in England, in a news release. "It could also be that very creative types lead a bohemian lifestyle and tend to act on more sexual impulses and opportunities, often purely for experience's sake, than the average person would." In the study, published in The Proceeding of the Royal Society B, researchers surveyed 425 British men and women, including a sampling of visual artists, poets, and members of the general public. The participants filled out questionnaires with information about their creative pursuits, mental health history, and number of sexual partners since the age of 18. They also answered questions designed to show if they had any potentially schizophrenic personality traits. The results showed that creative people reported an average of between four and 10 sexual partners compared with an average of three sexual partners among noncreative people. Researchers found the number or sexual partners rose in accordance with the number of creative activities the person was involved with. The study also showed that creative people shared many similar personality traits with the schizophrenics, such as a high degree of impulsive behavior and unusual experiences. Although schizophrenics shared some personality traits with the creative people, they did not report increased sexual activity. Nettle says this is because people with schizophrenia also tend to suffer from social withdrawal and lack of emotion, which was associated with a lower number of sexual partners.
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Is The Origami Condom The Future Of Safe And Pleasurable Sex

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"We have a product that is safe and effective, but underutilized. What if we could develop a condom that would provide all the benefit of our current versions, without the drawbacks? Even better, what if we could develop one that was preferred to no condom?"- The Gates Foundation
Earlier this year, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced that they were offering a $100,000 grant to anyone with credible plans to develop the “next generation condom.” Why do we need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to safe sex? Because condoms are not as widely utilized as they should be. Many people forego safe sex because they perceive that condoms will decrease their sexual pleasure. Therefore, if we could develop a condom that felt just as good as unprotected sex, it could have a major impact on rates of sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancies. As it turns out, we may not be that far away from such an invention. Behold the Origami condom, the first major redesign of the condom in nearly a century. The Origami Male Condom is described as “the first non-rolled, injection-molded, engineered, silicone condom intended to facilitate a pleasurable and safe sexual experience.” It simulates the way that unprotected sex normally feels for the wearer by enhancing sensations inside the condom itself. Check out the slightly awkward video below to see just how this works. Also, given that the condom is made of silicone instead of latex, it is likely to result in fewer allergy issues (some people are allergic to latex), and the wide base at the bottom may provide even greater STI protection than a traditional male condom. The other advantage is that the Origami goes on easier and is designed to be less likely to slip off, which may ultimately decrease condom use errors. In addition to offering a male condom, the company also plans to release an Origami female condom as well as condom designed specifically for receptive anal intercourse. These condoms are also made of silicone and are designed to be easy to use and to mimic the sensations of unprotected sex (at least for the insertive partner—Origami claims that all of their condoms “facilitate a pleasurable…experience for both partners,” but it's not clear whether Origami condoms enhance pleasure for the receptive partner beyond standard condoms). Origami condoms are currently in the clinical research phase to determine health and safety. Assuming they meet testing standards and receive FDA approval, we could see these condoms on the market as soon as 2015. Here’s hoping for a safer and even more pleasurable future!
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What make essential to watch porn?

Now a day’s internet is becoming worldwide and is easily available. There are so many websites and blogs from where we can easily provide such information which made beneficial. According to the matter we are talking about benefits and important features that made us to watch porn. According to the study research says that porn + origami= pornogami is a main definition of porn which shows that porn is always concerned with orgasm. People want information but somehow information usually helps to recognize risk regarding it. Some are the following which accurately shows that what the effects of porn in our life are:-

What are the pros:-

  • It is much healthier: If you are looking to watch porn somehow it has many benefit to be show that it makes our mind with good mindset which are responsible for good informative knowledge and gives us healthy knowledge
  • Best thing: We always consider that porn is best thing to be known. Best is always refers to that thing which gave us much benefit. Because porn and as well as is natural habit which makes our life into a new stage. Watching porn is first step but to consider it on are regular basis may harm.
  • Relieves stress: it always give us stress and relaxation life because becoming moody while watching porn gave us benefit like we will living happily and always boosting our mood on the time of sex.
  • Beneficial for relationship: There is no denying the fact that porn gave us satisfaction and also beneficial for sexual and physical relationship as it always gives us better living standard.
  • Exploring sexuality: The consideration between man and women become when there is physical relationship. Always think before practically work that just to satisfy our needs is our aim, but make our habit is not our good habit.
  • Lack of aggressiveness: Watching porn gives us happy life as it also helps us to prevent from aggressiveness. This is an essential and factual concept of happy life to avoid such type of aggressiveness which harms our entire life.

What are the cons?

  • Provides mistrust: If we are talking about negative effects of watching porn and implementing on our sexual parts it might be responsible for our bad habits. As a result if there is misunderstanding among them then this will always on their both mind about trust concern. It will make lack of trust among them and once result negative on their life.
  • Toleration: Toleration is becoming a major factor on their life because to tolerate themselves equally will helpful for them but there is much misunderstanding and heavier shouting among each other. It will definitely harm their life as the result will show break up between them
Conclusion Hence, it clearly shows that if a person is concentrating on issues while watching porn he/she will definitely learn some new things which makes them beneficial. While concept says that porn + origami= pornogami is best thing to be consider.
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