Why Do People Have Latex Allergy and How Can You Prevent It

Latex is a substance that is found in certain plants, including a tree named Hevea brasiliensis, that is also called a rubber tree. The latex is transformed into various products of common use according to two methods:

  1. 90% of the latex is coagulated to enter the composition of rubber products such as tires or shoe soles. The high temperature treatment denatures certain proteins, which makes them less allergenic.
  2. 10% of the latex is treated with chemicals. Various molds are then dipped into products such as gloves, condoms and balloons. In this case the proteins are little denatured and more allergenic.

What are the symptoms of latex allergy?

The symptoms depend on the mechanism of the reaction.

I.e.-mediated allergic reaction

When an antibody called I.e. is present, the reactions include: urticarial (red, itchy skin that appears immediately after contact with a latex product), rhino-conjunctivitis, or asthma (sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, breathing difficulties after handling a latex product) or anaphylaxis. Some people with this type of latex allergy may also have symptoms with certain fruits, mainly: banana, avocado, chestnut, kiwi. You also need to know how to treat an allergic reaction to latex.

Contact dermatitis

It does not involve I.e. and often associated with the chemicals used in the transformation of the latex, is manifested 1 to 4 days after exposure to latex in the form of small bubbles on the skin and then dry red plates and crusts.

Irrigative dermatitis

Finally, many people wearing regular latex gloves complain of red, dry, irritated skin. Without specifically having an allergy to latex, these people have an irritating rash due to occlusion, contact with powder gloves, frequent washing of hands.

How is a latex allergy diagnosed?

The signs and symptoms that a person develops during contact with the latex help the doctor in his diagnosis. Allergy skin tests with a latex extract determine if antibodies (I.e.) are involved. Sometimes a blood test to detect I.e. against the latex may be required.

What are the treatments for a latex allergy?

It is important to avoid products containing latex or rubber, both at work and at home. Depending on the type of reaction, the doctor will prescribe an epinephrine auto-injector (egg: Pippen ®) to allow the patient to treat a severe allergic reaction in case of accidental exposure. A medical bracelet on which allergy to latex is mentioned is also recommended. Some patients will keep latex-free gloves with them for emergencies.

Where is the latex?

The main sources of latex are: medical gloves and rubber gloves (for washing dishes), balloon, condom, diaphragm, bandage, pacifier, various medical supplies and dentistry. Always inquire and check the composition of products. Alternatives to latex and rubber are vinyl, polyurethane, silicone, etc.

Can I have surgery if I have an allergy to latex?

Yes, you must always warn the nursing staff (doctor, nurse, and dentist) of latex allergy when you come for surgery and for all other procedures. Some hospitals have a policy that minimizes overall latex exposure by choosing products with little or no latex. Other institutions have specific guidelines when a latex-allergic patient comes for surgery.

The latex is extracted from a tree, hevea brasiliensis, and it is used for the manufacture of rubber. Used in many products, latex can cause allergies in the skin, eyes or respiratory tract. Usually these allergies are moderate, but they can sometimes be very severe. Therefore, when you think you are allergic, it is very important to:

Confirm it with skin tests performed by an allergist

  • Know all sources of latex to avoid them.
  • Latex allergy can start at any age, especially in people exposed to repeated contact with latex objects. Some professions such as nurses are particularly exposed (wearing gloves).

Symptoms of latex allergy

Skin irritation in contact with the latex:

  • Redness and itching of varying importance (urticarial);
  • Respiratory and ocular difficulties caused by the manipulation of latex objects.
  • Sneezing and runny nose:
  • Cough, shortness of breath;
  • Irritation of the eyes, redness, watery eyes.
  • Sometimes the symptoms are much more important:
  • Feeling of asphyxia by edema of the larynx, asthma;

State of allergic shock with loss of consciousness (especially if the allergic person is operated by a surgeon wearing latex gloves).

Cross allergies to certain foods can also be seen:

  • Banana
  • Avocado (present also in some cosmetics)
  • Kiwi
  • Chestnut

Treatment of latex allergy

For the time being, there is no specific desensitization treatment. The eviction must be total.

Latex allergy: general advice

  • The patient should always report the allergy to their doctor, surgeon or dentist. Under no circumstances should they wear latex gloves for examination or surgery, as this may cause severe allergic shock. The use of medical equipment containing latex (bladder or gastric probes, infusions, etc.) should also be prohibited.
  • Wear a card mentioning latex allergy for the information of first aiders and doctors in case of accident.
  • Avoid contact with latex objects.

For the protection of the hands, various solutions are possible:

  • Textile gloves under rubber gloves;
  • Or hypo-allergenic gloves (vinyl or neoprene).
  • Do not inflate rubber balloons. At the pool avoid bathing caps, fins, glasses.
  • Avoid fruits and plants that can give cross allergies.
  • Be very careful with bananas and especially avocados and check the composition of some cosmetic creams;
  • Do not have focus at home.
  • For condoms, several brands offer no latex.

The tactile properties of rubber are still very popular. But there is a catch: this material is responsible for potentially severe allergies.

Like hay fever, the main risk factor for latex allergy is atop. Rubber is an especially professional allergen. Its flexible shape is much more allergenic than its hard version, used in bicycle handles for example. The thick household gloves offered in supermarkets, as well as the fine gloves without talc, however pose little problem. This powder, based on corn starch, has a tendency to disseminate latex particles in the air that can lead to asthma attacks in sensitized persons. This is why the use of latex-coated gloves, associated with a high risk of allergy, is gradually being abandoned among health professionals. Today, aware of the problem, many hospitals become "latex free" and replace their equipment with polyvinyl gloves.

To know more about latex allergy, click here.

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Yoni Eggs Buying Guide | How To Choose The Right One

For women, intimate muscle health is the way to the world of intimate relationships, pleasure and orgasms. The weakness of the intimate muscles this is what puts a woman in a very awkward position in front of the desired man. The lack of sensitivity, these terrible popping of air from the vagina, sometimes even a man cannot "end" for a long time because of the wide vagina - all this is extremely terrible effect on the relationship.

What can this happen to? The reasons in our life are enough.

Did you have such a situation when you went on a diet to become more beautiful and graceful? But after losing weight noticed that the vagina has become too wide? What during the bathing began to get water? What during obscenities from the vagina heard obscene sounds?

Or did you notice that after a cold or an allergic rhinitis, you barely manage to run to the toilet? In this case what to choose drilled or undrilled yoni eggs. Or you do not experience orgasms during intimacy with a man? And because of this, get mad at yourself and the man. Ultimately, this creates tension in your relationship.

Or are you constantly being treated for some female diseases? You are worried about itching, irritation, pain, hormonal failure. There really is not up to men.

Or after giving birth, you absolutely do not feel a man during marital intimacy? You understand that everything has changed for the worse. Worst of all, your man understands this too, but wants everything to be as before. And you absolutely do not know what to do. Is it all life to endure?

This story began with the fact that you fell in love. You wanted to be perfect for your man and to master the secret techniques of the art of love. Initially, after training, your lower abdomen began to hurt. The stomach was so nagging that even had to take painkillers. And then, due to the use of non-high-quality simulators, developed cervical erosion.

Jade egg quality

Recently, there are many places where you can buy jade eggs. These are all kinds of sites ads, online shopping. But now we are not talking about the fact that some unscrupulous sellers under the guise of jade eggs sell fakes. Now we consider another situation. Suppose you have purchased really genuine jade eggs. And here you are holding a set of 3 jade eggs. And so far, you do not understand what to do with them. Let's look at the situation in more detail:


In the jade eggs can be drilled holes on the wide side, and can be - with a narrow. If you do not have experience in using jade eggs, then it is difficult for you to figure out from which side to make holes correctly. But there are still jade eggs without holes. Holes in the jade should be made from the wide side. Therefore, this is the position of the jade egg in the vagina in accordance with the force of gravity. The holes must be neat and rounded so as not to injure the delicate vaginal mucosa. Click here to see more.


Most likely in your jade eggs will not be strings. And if so, it will be made of cloth. The fabric thread causes great hygiene concerns. Bacteria proliferate in a tissue filament and this can lead to thrush or bacterial vaginosis. You definitely did not count on such an effect from jade eggs.

Only silicone thread is suitable for safe use, because it is easy to clean and does not absorb anything. Bacteria cannot breed in silicone filaments. Silicone thread is soft; therefore it is comfortable for the delicate intimate area of ??a woman.

How to apply jade eggs

And here we turn to the most interesting. You can be given instructions on how to “clean” jade eggs with salt from negative energies.

How to choose the size of jade egg?

These are the most common difficulties that come to me by women who have bought jade eggs on other sites. In all these situations it is useless to peel the jade egg in salt. Nothing will change if you meditate with a jade egg. And you will not learn how to control intimate muscles even if you listen to a record 1000 times that you are divinely sexy.

What happens if jade eggs are not used correctly?

If we are talking about a young healthy girl, then as a rule, the result will be as follows.

After applying the jade egg, she will feel discomfort in the lower abdomen. Discomfort and lack of results will destroy motivation.

If we are talking about a woman who has very weakened muscles, the incorrect use of jade eggs leads to the prolapsed of the uterus and vaginal walls.

Exercises with jade eggs

This is the most effective female fitness for intimate muscles. For 3 months of training you will increase 3 times and strength intimate muscles. Intimate muscles need strength for several reasons:

  • First, to counteract the force of gravity: The force of gravity contributes to the fact that the chest loses its shape and the pelvic floor muscles sag. Strengthening the muscles is the only healthy way to counteract this strength. Moreover, the force of gravity acts on everyone - it does not matter whether the girl was giving birth or not.
  • Secondly, the change in weight is strongly reflected in the state of intimate muscles. Pregnancy and childbirth, any power loads (sports or just heavy food packages), colds, allergic rhinitis, constipation, lack of sex - all this significantly worsens the state of intimate muscles. To neutralize any of these factors - you need to take care of the strength of intimate muscles.
  • Thirdly, those sexual relations with a beloved man become a heavenly pleasure. That he felt and enjoyed the reduction of your muscles. In order for you to feel your man and enjoy the orgasms that he will give you need strong intimate muscles;

Intimate muscle endurance - the ability to maintain strength for a long time;

Depth of intimate muscle contraction is the difference between total relaxation and maximum muscle contraction. This is the amplitude movement of intimate muscles. This invaluable quality of the muscles gives an unforgettable experience during intimacy. Since the most pleasant sensations are in the contrast between strong compression and relaxation. And, of course, it is important for safe delivery. Since only plastic, amplitude muscles retain their shape. And you can avoid tearing or cutting during delivery.

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Complete Buying Guide on Choosing The Best Sex Toy

Thanks to the different materials of which sextoys are made, the manufacturers can obtain textures, constitutions or very varied colors. But faced with the sometimes obscure names of these subjects, it is difficult to know what they are really made of.

When choosing a sextoy, pay attention to the appearance and sensations they provide. But it is also important to take a closer look at what they are doing. First because their material defines their texture and therefore the sensations they bring but also for health reasons. For example, there is a lot of talk about the health risks of phthalates. The expert has set standards for all products that can be put in the mouth by children but there is no standard for sex toys. Yet they are in direct contact with our mucous membranes and one study has shown that this is as dangerous as ingestion. Manufacturers have become aware of these risks and there are more and more products without or with very little phthalates.

Currently, the main materials found in the composition of sex toys fall into five main categories: elastics, plastics, acrylic, glass, and metal. But before buying you must have clear idea about what is cyber skin.


Elastics are polymers with elastic properties and very resistant to deformation. They are designated by the manufacturers by the abbreviation TPE or TPR in English: thermoplastic.In this category, you find mainly rubbers and silicones and a patented material by the manufacturer. Elastomers, provided they are not mixed with plastic, do not contain phthalates.

The rubbers can be either organic and of natural origin such as latex, or synthetic. Rubbers are widely used because they are cheap, easy to use for manufacturing and resistant. However, they are porous and therefore less durable than silicone. Because of their porosity, it is more difficult to clean and bacteria grow more easily. So clean them with soap and water or a sextoy cleaner. You also have to be very careful about the latex that some people are allergic to. There is synthetic latex that does not cause allergies but the origin of the latex used by manufacturers is only rarely indicated. It is therefore necessary to remain cautious if one is allergic to this matter.

Silicones are of mineral origin (silica). It is the most used material for sex toys because it is almost as resistant as rubber, it is flexible and especially its texture is similar to that of the skin. Not being porous, silicone is very easily cleaned with water (even boiling) or with a special cleaner for sextoys. When choosing a silicone sex toy, care must be taken that it is 100% silicone or medical grade. This means that it is hygienic, hypoallergenic, and can be boiled. Manufacturers who do not specify this quality sometimes use additives whose nature is not always identifiable (but not necessarily harmful).

Cyberskin is a material composed essentially of elastomer gel and some other products that are a priori non-toxic. Its texture is very similar to that of the skin especially if it is used with "Cyberskin powder". It has the same advantages and disadvantages as all the other products mentioned above.


Plastics are raw polymers to which fillers, plasticizers and additives are added. Phthalates (found only in plastics) are among the plasticizers. They allow, among other things, to make plastic more flexible. In view of their toxicity, we must pay attention to their absence when buying a plastic sextoy.

In the category of plastics used for the manufacture of sextoys, there are in particular PVC and ABS. ABS is always hard, so it never contains phthalates. There is a lot of plastic sex toys because it is a cheap and very common material. In general, plastic products are smooth and easy to clean. They can be used with any type of lubricant (water or silicone). In addition, they transmit the vibrations very well.


Acrylic is a crystalline polymer very hard and very resistant. It is transparent and is therefore often used to imitate glass. It is non-porous and therefore hygienic and easy to maintain.


Glass is usually made from silicon oxide (sand). It is a very suitable material for the manufacture of sex toys: it is non-porous therefore hygienic, hypoallergenic, very smooth and therefore requires little or no lubricant, can be sterilized, does not retain odors and is often very beautiful. Its maintenance is easy with any type of cleaner.


Two metals are used in the manufacture of sex toys: steel and aluminum. While the steel is very strong and heavy aluminum is a little more fragile but it is lighter. In addition, unlike steel, aluminum does not rust. In both cases, the metals are easy to maintain with any solvent and allow to make very beautiful sextoys and intimate jewels. In addition, they can be heated or cooled for different sensations.

There are other materials such as wood or leather to make sex toys but currently their use is still quite limited.

Women are good, but artificial vaginas are sometimes better! So of course, human relationships are non-existent with a silicone object, but the physical relationships are as good or even sometimes better.

My comparison with a real partner is obviously a little far-fetched, and nothing really replaces the presence of the woman in our lives. However, as long as you have not found it, then the artificial vaginas are a better solution than the manual handjob.

Here is everything you need to know about inflatable dolls, masturbators or artificial vaginas.

The three main sex toys for men

A few years ago, the most common sextoys were simply dildos, or vibrating eggs.

There were only you ladies! Now, the sex toy market has exploded and there are thousands of references to indulge with impunity. To know more, click here.

The artificial vagina

It is from him that I will speak first, since I have named my site and especially because I love both its use and its practical side.It is therefore a buttock, or sometimes a bust, usually made of silicone that looks like a real woman.

More than just a masturbator, you can put the artificial vagina on the bed or on a table and have fun giving strokes.We can also palpate the buttocks or breasts if there is something that makes it easier to activate the imagination.

We always find a vagina and sometimes an anus with which we can obviously have fun too without hearing moaning.There are also vibrant models that add fun to those who like vibrations. I must admit that from time to time it is rather nice and pleasant.

When it vibrates it's a bit of a penis massage that we receive, and the massage is good for the body it seems. Click here to discover the top 3 best artificial vagina.

Buttocks Silicone vagina and anus Love and Vibes

This small gluteus silicone is simply magic. His curves are at first quite to my taste.The texture is really very good quality, and when you close your eyes it really feels like a real little ass very charming.There is a very deep and comfortable vagina, and a tighter anus but just as nice.The lips are well done and the realism is quite the rendezvous. I must admit that I even wanted to kiss and lick this little pussy that presented it to me.

Once inside you feel very good.Ribs and streaks perfectly reproduce the inside of a female vagina and so we really feel like making love, or kiss (according to our desires) really.In addition to the material is robust, so we can really indulge wildly, it will take round trips before damaging this delicious synthetic kitty.

The masturbator

The masturbator is finally a simple silicone sheath, designed to represent a vagina.

They can be found in different forms: small female body, penis for use as a couple, flashlight for discretion.The sheath is quite narrow and you can take it with one hand and masturbate with it. One can also block the masturbator to move the pelvis as with an artificial vagina, but it is a little less convenient.Anyway, the sensations are much better than with the hand and you get used very quickly to use this type of objects that may seem at first a little weird.It is a sex toy that is very convenient because it takes up little space, and so it can be easily hidden or carried away on a trip.

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