What is Pornogami?


Even the ancient art of origami—the process of creating three-dimensional objects by folding paper which originated in Asia in the late 1600s—is not devoid of renegade artistic deviants that have mastered the craft. There are even a few books that have been published hoping to spread the good word about porn-y paper folding. Erotic origami, where have you been all my life?

In 2004, London-based artist Nick Robinson put out a book called Very Naughty Origami. In it, Robinson provides step-by-step diagrams of how to create titillating folded paper figures such as his “Schwanstucker.” Robinson’s “schwanstucker” (named for Terri’s Garr’s use of the word in Young Frankenstein to describe the size of Frankenstein’s monster member), is an anatomically correct folded paper penis. That, according to the description in Robinson’s book, also happens to move when you squeeze it.

How to fold an origami penis by Master Sugoi

 Later that year, an artist going by the name of Master Sugoi coined the excellent phrase “pornogami” for his book, Pornogami: Original Erotic Origami. In the book, Sugoi teaches aspiring pornogamists to fold paper into erotic shapes like a penis, vulva, and boobs, among other things.

Then, in 2008, artist Marc Kirschenbaum put out his take on sexy paper folding with his book, Erotic Origami. Kirschenbaum is fond of creating paper figures in various states of getting it on (pictured at the top of this post and below). Nice.

If this all sounds good to you (and I’m pretty sure it does), check out some of the examples of “pornogami” show in our gallery. Since pornogami has the word “porn” in it, it’s safe to say that the images are NSFW.

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