Yoni Eggs Buying Guide | How To Choose The Right One


Yoni Eggs Buying Guide | How To Choose The Right One

For women, intimate muscle health is the way to the world of intimate relationships, pleasure and orgasms. The weakness of the intimate muscles this is what puts a woman in a very awkward position in front of the desired man. The lack of sensitivity, these terrible popping of air from the vagina, sometimes even a man cannot “end” for a long time because of the wide vagina – all this is extremely terrible effect on the relationship.

What can this happen to? The reasons in our life are enough.

Did you have such a situation when you went on a diet to become more beautiful and graceful? But after losing weight noticed that the vagina has become too wide? What during the bathing began to get water? What during obscenities from the vagina heard obscene sounds?

Or did you notice that after a cold or an allergic rhinitis, you barely manage to run to the toilet? In this case what to choose drilled or undrilled yoni eggs. Or you do not experience orgasms during intimacy with a man? And because of this, get mad at yourself and the man. Ultimately, this creates tension in your relationship.

Or are you constantly being treated for some female diseases? You are worried about itching, irritation, pain, hormonal failure. There really is not up to men.

Or after giving birth, you absolutely do not feel a man during marital intimacy? You understand that everything has changed for the worse. Worst of all, your man understands this too, but wants everything to be as before. And you absolutely do not know what to do. Is it all life to endure?

This story began with the fact that you fell in love. You wanted to be perfect for your man and to master the secret techniques of the art of love. Initially, after training, your lower abdomen began to hurt. The stomach was so nagging that even had to take painkillers. And then, due to the use of non-high-quality simulators, developed cervical erosion.

Jade egg quality

Recently, there are many places where you can buy jade eggs. These are all kinds of sites ads, online shopping. But now we are not talking about the fact that some unscrupulous sellers under the guise of jade eggs sell fakes. Now we consider another situation. Suppose you have purchased really genuine jade eggs. And here you are holding a set of 3 jade eggs. And so far, you do not understand what to do with them. Let’s look at the situation in more detail:


In the jade eggs can be drilled holes on the wide side, and can be – with a narrow. If you do not have experience in using jade eggs, then it is difficult for you to figure out from which side to make holes correctly. But there are still jade eggs without holes. Holes in the jade should be made from the wide side. Therefore, this is the position of the jade egg in the vagina in accordance with the force of gravity. The holes must be neat and rounded so as not to injure the delicate vaginal mucosa.


Most likely in your jade eggs will not be strings. And if so, it will be made of cloth. The fabric thread causes great hygiene concerns. Bacteria proliferate in a tissue filament and this can lead to thrush or bacterial vaginosis. You definitely did not count on such an effect from jade eggs.

Only silicone thread is suitable for safe use, because it is easy to clean and does not absorb anything. Bacteria cannot breed in silicone filaments. Silicone thread is soft; therefore it is comfortable for the delicate intimate area of ??a woman.

How to apply jade eggs

And here we turn to the most interesting. You can be given instructions on how to “clean” jade eggs with salt from negative energies.

How to choose the size of jade egg?

These are the most common difficulties that come to me by women who have bought jade eggs on other sites. In all these situations it is useless to peel the jade egg in salt. Nothing will change if you meditate with a jade egg. And you will not learn how to control intimate muscles even if you listen to a record 1000 times that you are divinely sexy.

What happens if jade eggs are not used correctly?

If we are talking about a young healthy girl, then as a rule, the result will be as follows.

After applying the jade egg, she will feel discomfort in the lower abdomen. Discomfort and lack of results will destroy motivation.

If we are talking about a woman who has very weakened muscles, the incorrect use of jade eggs leads to the prolapsed of the uterus and vaginal walls.

Exercises with jade eggs

This is the most effective female fitness for intimate muscles. For 3 months of training you will increase 3 times and strength intimate muscles. Intimate muscles need strength for several reasons:

  • First, to counteract the force of gravity: The force of gravity contributes to the fact that the chest loses its shape and the pelvic floor muscles sag. Strengthening the muscles is the only healthy way to counteract this strength. Moreover, the force of gravity acts on everyone – it does not matter whether the girl was giving birth or not.
  • Secondly, the change in weight is strongly reflected in the state of intimate muscles. Pregnancy and childbirth, any power loads (sports or just heavy food packages), colds, allergic rhinitis, constipation, lack of sex – all this significantly worsens the state of intimate muscles. To neutralize any of these factors – you need to take care of the strength of intimate muscles.
  • Thirdly, those sexual relations with a beloved man become a heavenly pleasure. That he felt and enjoyed the reduction of your muscles. In order for you to feel your man and enjoy the orgasms that he will give you need strong intimate muscles;

If you don’t want jade eggs, you can also try a quartz egg. Click here.

Intimate muscle endurance – the ability to maintain strength for a long time;

Depth of intimate muscle contraction is the difference between total relaxation and maximum muscle contraction. This is the amplitude movement of intimate muscles. This invaluable quality of the muscles gives an unforgettable experience during intimacy. Since the most pleasant sensations are in the contrast between strong compression and relaxation. And, of course, it is important for safe delivery. Since only plastic, amplitude muscles retain their shape. And you can avoid tearing or cutting during delivery.

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